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Grub Stick Roasting Recipes

When most people think of eating food that’s made over an open campfire, they usually think of the usual campfire menu items. While we love hotdogs and s’mores just as much as the next person, why stop there? With Grub Stick, you’ll find that delicious campfire food ideas are limitless. With so many different possibilities and combinations, there’s always something to cook! From decadent desserts to savory meals, our Grub Stick roasting recipes are sure to jazz up your campfire dining experience. No matter if you’re using your own fire pit at home or camping miles from home in the middle of nowhere, you’re sure to love all the ways the Grub Stick excites your taste buds. Don’t let your fire pit experience be a simple or boring one! Try some of our favorite stick roasting recipes or use what you see to generate some of your very own campfire food ideas!


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