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A revolution in open fire cooking

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Game Changer

Introducing the world’s first telescopic roasting stick with interchangeable attachments.

Campfire cooking has never been more fun

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Innovations in open fire cooking

Grubstick Handle

Extends up to 30 inches. Heat and slip resistant, comfortable for both adults and children.


Designed to create the perfect golden brown s'more, s'maffle, caramel apple s'more or anything else you can think up.


Built for carnivores and vegetarians. Roast any piece of meat or meat patty, fruit, vegetable or make amazing crepes.

Grub Fork

Forget everything you think you know about hot dog sticks. This is the Cadillac of hot dog sticks.


Create golden brown bread twists and mouthwatering cannolis (the redneck version of course).


Make pastry cups stuffed with something sweet or savory or bacon bowls which make everything in life right.


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