Grubstick Starter Pack

What is Grubstick?

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Grubstick: The world's first telescopic roasting stick with interchangeable attachments gives you incredible versatility to cook a variety of quick and delicious comfort foods over an open fire. It’s so compact transportation and storage are a cinch. And the high grade stainless steel attachments are dishwasher safe making cleanup easier than ever.

The Swiss army knife of roasting sticks takes open fire roasting to a whole new level.

If you plan on throwing this in your backpack for your next trip, it only adds 12.5 oz.


Endless Possibilities

Tons of benefits

Dishwasher Safe
Cleanup is simple. Simply thrown the attachments in the dishawasher.
Compact Storage
Collapsable and easy to store. Takes up minimal space in a drawer.
Easy to Transport
Throw your attachments in a Grubstick bag and go.
Tons of Recipes
Borrow our ideas from our recipe gallery, or make up your own.
Quality Craftsmanship
High quality materials means your Grubstick is the last roasting stick you will ever buy.

Grubstick Starter Pack

Included in this kit:
Telescopic Handle

Extends to 37 inches with fork attachment. Heat & slip resistant, comfortable for both adults and children.


Forget everything you think you know about hot dog sticks. This is the Cadillac of hot dog sticks.


Consider this: assemble your s’mores before cooking them over the fire.

Release Tool

This clever little device allows you to remove your food from the cage while hot. No more burnt fingertips!

Special Offer

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