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What is Grubstick?

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Grubstick: The world's first telescopic roasting stick with interchangeable attachments gives you incredible versatility to cook a variety of quick and delicious comfort foods over an open fire. It’s so compact transportation and storage are a cinch. And the high grade stainless steel attachments are dishwasher safe making cleanup easier than ever.

The Swiss army knife of roasting sticks takes open fire roasting to a whole new level.

If you plan on throwing this in your backpack for your next trip, it only adds 12.5 oz.


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What's Included?

The Grubstick Starter Pack is perfect to get you on your way to great outdoor cooking. Here's what's included:

1 x Grubstick Telescopic Handle

Extends to 37 inches with fork attachment. Heat & slip resistant, comfortable for both adults and children.

1 x Grubfork

Forget everything you think you know about hot dog sticks. This is the Cadillac of hot dog sticks.

1 x Grubcage

Assemble your s’mores before cooking them over the fire.

1 x Release Tool

This clever little device allows you to remove your food from the cage while hot. No more burnt fingertips!

Telescopic Handle

  • 8.25" collapsed - Easy to transport and store
  • 30" extended - With attachments 34.25" to 38.25" for comfortable fire distance
  • Robust threading - No cross threading
  • Sturdy & stainless steel - Thick gauge stainless steel tubing
  • Rubberized handle - Heat and slip resistant, comfortable for both adults and children


  • 6.5" length - Long enough for brats and hotdogs, short enough for marshmallows and starbursts
  • Blunted tips - For increased safety
  • Double tines - 1.5" width making it easy to roast doubles
  • Robust threading - No cross threading
  • Sturdy & stainless steel - 1/8" diameter stainless steel tinges


  • 4" x 4" - Fits traditional s'more and most crackers
  • Sturdy - Double hinges prevent unwanted twisting and hassle
  • Robust threading - no cross threading
  • Sturdy & stainless steel - Thick gauge stainless steel tubing
  • Tight hold - Double tension locks to keep food from falling out
  • Quick release lever - Easy to open with fingers or quick release tool
How long does it take to cook?

Most comfort foods such as s’mores and crepes take 1-3 minutes depending on desired doneness. When cooking meat or meat patties it takes a little longer (5-8 minutes) depending on doneness. Fruits and vegetables will also vary based on desired doneness.

How is Grubstick different from other roasting sticks on the market that are less expensive?

Grubstick is the only telescopic roasting stick with interchangeable cooking attachments allowing you to cook an incredible variety of food with a single roasting stick. Because each attachment is high grade stainless steel and dishwasher safe clean up is a cinch.

Do the attachments get too hot to work with?

The attachments do get hot during the cooking process, however, they cool down pretty quick depending on how long they were kept in the fire. To assist you in opening the cages when your food is piping hot, we have developed several tools: the release tool, the silicone grabber, and the larger silicone pad. We have also discovered that by the time you have eaten a hotdog or hamburger, the attachment is cool to the touch and ready for your next treat.

Is it easy to clean? Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes each of the attachments are high grade stainless steel and dishwasher safe. However, it is not recommended that the handle be put in the dishwasher. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

How long will the Grubstick last?

When designing the grubstick our highest priorities were function and quality. The materials used are top quality and corrosion and weather resistant. Gone are the days of rusted and bent sticks with weathered and warped handles. This will be the last roasting stick you’ll ever need to own.

Is it easy to transport?

Yes! Since the handles collapse and all attachments are removable, the grubstick is easy to pack in one of the grubstick bags, a backpack, or glovebox making it a great on-the-go solution for outdoor cooking, camping and spur of the moment adventures.

How it Works

Select Attachment

Grubstick's interchangeable attachments allow you to cook a variety of quick and easy comfort foods over the fire.

Add Food

Grubstick attachments allow you to cook an unlimited assortment of food, you're only limited by your imagination.

Attach Telescoping Handle

Simply screw the attachment to the end of the handle, extend, and you'll see why Grubstick is the Swiss Army Knife of roasting sticks.

Roast Food

Nothing brings people together like fresh cooked food. Roast over a firepit, stove or campfire. You'll be amazed at how much better it tastes.

Outdoor cooking is fun again!

The Grubstick allows us to cook outdoors in a way that is simple, clean and way too easy. Kids love it and we love watching their creativity come to life trying new combinations and recipes.
Highland, Utah

Great for family cookouts

We saw the grubstick at a local show and were intrigued. We bought one and took it home to test out and before we knew it we had spent hours in the backyard thinking of fun things to try to cook with our kids. It's ingeniuous!
Genola, Utah

The perfect camping accessory

I hate packing cooking gear for short overnighters. The grubstick has been so perfect to have a lightweight option that allows me to cook both sweet and savory items without having to pack in heavy ovens or equipment.
Orem, Utah

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